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At SharpShine Professional Automobile Detailing we use only the finest products, equipment and procedures. We take care in selecting the best products available. We not only want your car to look like new but also select products that offer long lasting protection.


SharpShine Eco Detailer was developed using the finest in “waterless wash” technology never seen before on the market. Comprised of a proprietary blend of ingredients, SharpShine Eco Detailer is unique in that it is mostly water-based and contains all biodegradable ingredients, which have no pervasive effect on the surrounding environment. More notable, is its wide variety of uses, ranging from interior and exterior auto detailing to everyday household cleaning. No other product on the market today is labeled for use in such a multitude of applications and is safe for use on just about any surface or device in your car or home including: windows, glass, leather, vinyl, wood, chrome, carpet, exercise equipment, kitchen floors and appliances, fiberglass, eyeglasses, cell phones, and especially good for at-home auto detail both interior and exterior, cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, heavy stains, barbecue grills, golf clubs, leather shoes, tile, boats, recreation vehicles, and more.

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Zaino Show Car Polish

Have you always wanted your automobile to have that high gloss, show car look? SharpShine Professional Automobile Detailing now offers exterior detailing that includes Zaino Show Car Polish. It is not like other car wax systems. Zaino Show Car Polish is a complex formula of polymers suspended in a water-based emulsion. The emulsion allows the polish to spread so thin, so evenly, that the resulting finish is nearly flat and very, very smooth. With each coat of Zaino Show Car Polish we apply, the surface of your paint will become more level, increasing both gloss and surface clarity. It looks highly polished, like a diamond. SharpShine Professional Automobile Detailing also uses other Zaino products to help "keep your car looking new"!

aston martin detailed
Aston Martin Vantage Detailed by SharpShine using Zaino Show Car Polish

RaggTopp Cleaners and Protectants

The Haartz Corporation and Rode & Schwalenbert Gmbh (Germany), the world's leading manufacturers of convertible topping for virtually every American and European convertible automobile manufactured throughout the world, exclusively recommends using RaggTopp Cleaners and Protectants for protecting your investment against the elements of nature and man.

ragtop cleaner




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